Living Room Lighting

When thinking about lighting a living room you should consider all the different ways in which you use the space. Often the focal point of a home, a living room can be a playroom for kids in the daytime and then a relaxing room for watching a favourite TV programme or movie in the evening. It may be a space to get together with friends and family or somewhere to sit quietly and read, or even a space to exercise and follow the latest workout DVD! The key is to create a flexible lighting scheme, which can be achieved by combining multiple light fittings on separate lighting circuits and making use of dimmer switches where appropriate.

A central, overhead flush or semi-flush ceiling light gives good ambient light and can be supported with matching or complementary wall lights. A series of white recessed downlights can be a relatively discreet option and provide additional practical light. If you want to avoid too many ceiling fittings, a floor standing uplighter can provide a good wash of light on the ceiling.

If you do opt for wall lights then you should think about positioning them around permanent features, such as a fireplace or alcove, rather than around furniture that might be changed or re-positioned over time. Picture lights and spotlights are a nice way to highlight interesting features or works of art.

Additional soft pools of light can be created with thoughtfully positioned table and floor lamps. There are a number of statement floor lights that are designed to be positioned behind a chair or sofa and then arch across to great effect. Or you might consider a floor standing flexible reading light that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The range of living room lights shown below are some of the Buckinghamshire Lighting Centre favourites. However, the selection is not exhaustive, you'll find many more living room fittings by browsing our online store. And if you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to try and help, as new fittings become available all the time.

The other thing to remember is that, aside from a bathroom where some safety regulations apply, any light can really go anywhere, it's all a matter of personal choice and a little imagination!