Dining Room Lighting

The dining table is often the focus of the lighting scheme in a dining room. A stunning pendant light or chandelier hung over a dining room table makes great impact. A key point is to avoid anything that hangs too low and stops you seeing those across the table from you!

Depending on the space you have, a central pendant can be supported with co-ordinating wall lights. Or you may consider adding floor or table lamps to create soft pools of light around the room.

Not just for mealtimes, a dining table is frequently used for other tasks like craft projects and homework. If that's the case then a height adjustable fitting is an excellent choice. Rise and fall pendants come in a wide range of designs and sizes and offer great flexibility.

The range of dining room lights shown below are some of the Buckinghamshire Lighting Centre favourites. However, the selection is not exhaustive, you'll find many more dining room fittings by browsing our online store. And if you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to try and help, as new fittings become available all the time.

The other thing to remember is that, aside from a bathroom where some safety regulations apply, any light can really go anywhere, it's all a matter of personal choice and a little imagination!