Bathroom Lighting

Lighting for your bathroom should be both decorative and functional; you want an inviting and relaxing space for times when you want to unwind in the bath, but you also need practical light for when you're washing and shaving in the morning or perhaps bathing the kids in the evening. At Buckinghamshire Lighting Centre we have a selection of modern bathroom lights for you to choose from.

Lights for the bathroom are governed by safety regulations. All bathroom suitable lights are given an IP rating (ingress protection), which indicates the protection a fitting has against steam and water entering the fitting. Your bathroom is divided into zones that let you know the IP rating required. Although it partly depends on how big your bathroom is, often a bathroom light will need a rating of IP44 or higher as a minimum. However, we recommend you consult your electrician to check your exact needs.

The range of bathroom lights shown below are some of the Buckinghamshire Lighting Centre favourites. However, the selection is not exhaustive, you'll find many more bathroom fittings by browsing our online store. And if you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to try and help, as new fittings become available all the time.